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Happy Friday Mamas! Hispanic Heritage Month is from mid September to mid October! We are truly lucky to be a part of a community filled with so many moms that are truly inspirational. Today we are showcasing the amazing and talented Juliana Buenrostro! This Mama is a complete sweetheart with an incredible passion for photography and is the creator of Jujuu Photography. I met Juliana about a year ago through this platform, she has been so supportive to Cypress Moms Network since our launch and I could not be more excited to showcase this Mama. I remember one time one of my kids caught something at school, I posted about it in my stories asking Moms for recommendations, and she quickly offered to come over and help! That is who she is – she is genuinely kind, giving, supportive, and her work is amazing Mamas! She gave us the honor of taking photographs at our first Cypress Moms Network event last December, and if you see her pictures – her work speaks for itself. Her pictures are dreamy, gorgeous, and she helps families capture so many beautiful moments. Meet the beautiful, Juliana, an all-around gorgeous Mom as much on the inside as on the outside and so down to earth too!



Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I was born in Mexico and raised in Houston, Texas 20 plus years and counting!

How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have three sweet, kind and wild children – a 9yo boy, 3yo girl, and a 2yo boy….and one on the way JK, JK !!! Not yet ;]

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

I am a US Army Veteran, when I tell people I was in the military they give me a bizarre look like “What you, girlie you in the military!?” It was one of the most memorable moments in my life and I can say that being in the military has played a huge part in who I am today.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

First and foremost GOD because without him I couldn’t do it!
My Husband who comes home from working 10-16 hour shifts and manages to help with anything and everything without complaining and puts up with my baby self too!
My Mom, to this day I keep asking her how is it that she managed to stay home with 4 children, have a clean home and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
My Sister who has been there for me since day ONE I can’t imagine my life without her!
My amazing In-Laws…Mom and Dad! They are the kindest and most selfless people I have ever met!

Favorite things to do with your kids around town? (Cypress/Copperfield/Jersey Village/Cyfair)?  

Before Covid our life revolved around Soccer, so you would find us at the soccer park every weekend, we are homebodies and we love to stay home, we love having visits over! So if we were not at the park then we were home!

Favorite local things to do in the Cypress area (Cypress/Copperfield/Jersey Village/Cyfair)??

I love exploring new coffee shops around the area and new locations for my photography!

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? 

I am the creator of Jujuu Photography a light and airy style and a boho and moody style. I have been in business since 2018 but my photography experience is 10 years plus! I have been a lover of photography from the moment I put my hands on a camera and once I had my babies well it just went on to another level and it has brought me to where I am today!.

Hispanic Heritage Month is incredibly special to me – you are a very inspirational Mom for women in our community. How has our heritage helped you through your Motherhood Journey?

Oh my goodness that is a good one! ummmm “la chankla!!!” haha if you know, you know ;]

Ok, ok on a serious note…I am beyond thankful for my grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, cousins, in-laws…pretty much my entire family. They have been able to help me out tremendously in caring for my children when I was working and now!
We have been raised to help out one another, I remember growing up if I wasn’t with my mom I was being cared for by a family member. Having someone 10-20 minutes away and being available to help out with the kids is a huge blessing! We tend to all live near each other and when we decide to purchase a home we made sure it was going to be in between our family. I love LOVE the Hill Country and everytime we go I’ll say to my husband ” Let’s move here!” but I know we can’t. We would miss our family too much. It was hard enough during the Stay at Home orders, we didn’t get to see our immediate family and we didn’t get to celebrate Easter – that was a HUGE wake up call for us. Family is everything! I am extremely grateful for my heritage and my family because without them my Motherhood Journey would be so different!

Any special tips you’d like to give Moms on navigating life as a Hispanic Mom?
As a Hispanic Mom in my family once we deliver we have this sort of “Self Quarantine” type of deal, where we “should” stay home for 40 days. There are alot of superstitions as to why and I did do that for all three of my children and yes my “snap back” was real and I lost all the baby weight super fast BUT would I do it again? No!  After my third baby I realized how important it is to get out of the house to go outside to go for a walk to get some Vitamin D3 and maybe just go on a little stroll and walk the aisles of Target and get you a Starbucks!
It’s good for your mind, body, and soul!
So my tip to all my new mamas is get some fresh air, get out of the house but “fajate!” [ it means wear your support band for your belly ]. Oh and don’t forget to take your vitamins and remember to have some ME time!
Is there a special shout out you’d like to give to someone who has helped you navigate life and embrace your culture?
I would have to say my mom, having children has been a huge eye opener for me and I have learned to appreciate my mom on another level, to this day I do not know how she did it staying at home with 4 children by the age of 25 and keeping a spotless home, laundry done and hot meals everyday except breakfast (it was cereal or a gansito and milk haha)!  Thank you Mami for keeping our culture and doing the best you could for us and continue to do and my papi too, for coming to the states as a young adult and working his way up to build a home for us and provide for us!

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

This community has been such a blessing, being a new SAHM to TWO under TWO was wild and it was one of the hardest years of my life! No one told me how HARD staying home really is, I never knew what “ It takes a village..” meant until I stayed home. I am happy to say that I have found my TRIBE and I am so thankful for The Local Moms Network for creating a platform where moms can come together and share their journey of motherhood, mompreneur, momboss whatever it is that brings them joy and know that this community is a safe space!







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