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Saturday Small Local Business Interview, Detail Cleaning Services

Today we are showcasing Detail Cleaning Services as part of our Small Local Business Interview Series –  They are a local veteran owned and operated family business. The business is co-owned by Emma Arzate, a local Mom, and her brother Ino Padilla. We love showcasing locally owned family businesses and especially those that help give Moms time back to their lives and families. This business does just that! They understand that with today’s busy life the last thing you want to do is spend your family time cleaning your home. Their business ensures that you come back to a clean house at an affordable rate on a recurring basis. They were founded in 2009 and now have over 40 employees. Why do we love this business: They also give back to the community! They are autism advocates; they honor our veterans by providing 3 free cleanings to those who are voted on their page! They also understand the struggle of cancer as one of the founders is a cancer survivor – as part of the National Cleaning For a Reason network  – they provide a free cleaning to clients undergoing cancer treatments. These types of small businesses are the gems that make our community shine! We hope you enjoy the interview with Emma as she shares more with us today!


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the area?
I am from Houston and lived here most of my life.

Do you have any children? If so, what are their ages?
I have 4 children ages 15 , 8 , and 4 year old twins

Tell us about your business?

Detail Cleaning Services is a professional maid service company who helps busy neighbors with their home cleaning needs. Our mission is to enhance lives one cleaning at a time by providing an excellent cleaning service to our clients while offering a job that our employees can be proud to be part of. We are a Veteran owned company who has been serving the community for over 14 years.

When did the idea of creating your business start? How long have you been in business?
I was in college when my mother, one of the founders, asked me to help her get more homes to clean. After speaking with several clients I fell in love with the idea of helping people have more free time by cleaning their home while creating jobs for the community. After 3 years in business, my brother who had just finished serving in the Army decided to join the family business bringing in the leadership skills he developed during his military service. He is now an owner as well and has helped me make this one of the best cleaning companies in the area. We have been in business for 14 years, since 2009.

What is one thing you can point to that helped make your business successful?
One key factor that has contributed to our business’s success is our strong emphasis on being a people-oriented company. By aligning our operations with our core values of care, positivity, trust, and empathy, we prioritize bringing about positive transformations in people’s lives through our work. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail has fostered trust among our customers. We firmly believe that by serving others with genuine care and dedication, we have the power to make a meaningful impact in our community.

What was your biggest challenge as a business and how did you overcome it?
One significant challenge we faced as a business was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a temporary shutdown for two weeks. This posed a considerable challenge as our employees relied on us to support their families through this difficult period. To overcome this challenge, we made the necessary financial sacrifices to ensure the continued payment of our employees, despite the temporary closure. We also made sure to have the proper equipment such as face masks, hand sanitizer, etc to keep them safe. Thankfully, our services were classified as essential, allowing us to reopen and resume operations. Through strategic measures and adaptations, we were able to not only recover but also achieve business growth while ensuring the stability and retention of our dedicated workforce.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? What is your favorite part about what you do?
As a busy mom, wife and professional, I understand that time is valuable and limited which is wh I truly enjoy hearing how much our services help busy families’ lives be less stressful. One of my favorite online testimonials comes from a client named Michelle, that I quote “…My stress levels are much lower knowing that the house is always clean, and it is so enjoyable to come home from work and only worry about what’s for dinner and not what part of the house I need to clean next.” I also love our team meetings that include ongoing trainings, fun competitions, games and good laughs with our amazing employees.
My biggest inspiration has been finding a purpose in what we do. We are not just cleaning toilets but have also found ways to support our community by partnering up with non-profit organizations like Cleaning for a Reason and Hope for Three. Through them we are able to provide free cleanings to cancer patients undergoing treatment and families with Autistic children. A few years after starting the company my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to take some time off. Fortunately, through these difficult times she did not have to worry about cleaning since she already owned the company. When a cancer patient is in for the fight for their life I couldn’t even imagine they have to worry about cleaning their home. This is why we later partner with a non profit Cleaning for a Reason where we are able to provide 8 Free Cleanings to cancer patients every month.

What does the future look like for you and your business?
At our core, we are a team that aspires to become one of the leaders in the cleaning industry. We are determined to establish a prominent footprint across several locations in the Greater Houston area, providing our employees with abundant opportunities to grow alongside the company. As our clientele continues to expand, we remain steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the communities we serve.
Our goal is to improve the well-being of everyone we touch. To achieve this, we strive to provide our employees with a livable wage and a work environment they can be proud of. We aim to enhance the lives of our customers through the high-quality services we offer. Moreover, we are committed to giving back to our community by providing complimentary cleaning services to cancer patients and families with children on the autism spectrum. As a Veteran owned company we show our appreciation for our local veterans by offering them free cleanings as w

What advice would you give to others that want to start something new?
Start with a clear vision: Clearly define your goals, objectives, and the purpose of your new endeavor. Having a clear vision will guide your decisions, keep you focused, and help you communicate your mission effectively.

Any advice for juggling all the things in daily life?

Prioritize and plan: Start by identifying your most important tasks and responsibilities. Make a to-do list or use a planner to organize your day, setting realistic goals and deadlines. Prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance.
Delegate and ask for help: Recognize that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Delegate tasks to others whenever possible, whether it’s at work or in your personal life. Reach out for support from family, friends, or colleagues when needed. Collaboration lightens the load and allows you to focus on critical priorities.
Set boundaries and practice self-care: Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. Schedule regular breaks to rest, recharge, and engage in activities you enjoy. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is crucial for maintaining productivity and overall balance.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through?
My biggest inspiration has been my mom who as a single mom raised us and had to work 2 jobs to support us. When the opportunity came I was able to help her start the business she always dreamed of. It inspired me to create jobs for hard working like her where they could have living wages and still be flexible enough to spend weekends and evenings with their children. It has been a dream come true to create dozens of jobs in our community, provide health insurance and retirement benefits which is not common for our industry.

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Our community has played a crucial role in our success by trusting and hiring our services. Their support has enabled us to create job opportunities for local residents, contributing to the economic growth of our community. We deeply value their trust and strive to exceed their expectations through consistent delivery of quality services. We are grateful for their ongoing support, referrals and it inspires us to continue giving back and being an active participant in the community.



If you are interested in giving some time back to your life and handing the cleaning over to this incredible cleaning crew for your home, contact them here:
Phone: (832) 483-5721


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