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As mothers, our bodies naturally go through some changes – Some of these we automatically assume are the way our bodies will just be from now on. Some of us may be frustrated that even with healthier eating and exercise our pre-pregnancy stomach seems to be a thing of the past….we might even assume that things like 5 de Mayo and those yummy margaritas and delish dinner are to blame for us not being able to have a flatter midsection! Today, we are featuring Dr. Molly,  Physical Therapist and the Mom behind Your Goals Physical Therapy , on a very important topic for women – Getting rid of that Mommy pouch! I seriously feel so grateful for the amount of knowledge that exists here in our Cypress area community.I am even more excited to be able to share that with you. Growing the precious tiny humans does take a toll on a Mom’s body, and I am glad to have learned that there are some things that can be done for those affected with a Mommy pouch. I certainly have learned a lot through this interview and I hope it helps you too!

Dr. Molly – Getting Rid Of the Mommy Stomach Pouch

Let’s talk about that annoying mommy stomach pouch. You know that place in your lower stomach that just won’t flatten out. For many of us we’ve tried diets, we’ve tried exercises, and nothing seems to flatten out that lower abdominal area. It is very annoying having this lower stomach area stick out ruining outfits and making us self-conscious about everything that we wear. I personally struggle with this after having my first baby. Then after trying all the things I just mentioned I noticed something; my lower back had a huge arch in it.

I knew my spine changed shape during my pregnancy to open up space for my baby to grow. But why wasn’t it returning to normal?
As it turns out recovering from pregnancy is not something that talked about much in the medical field. Mommy bodies are absolutely amazing! Our bodies go through so many changes during pregnancy to open up and provide all the needed space and nutrition for a growing baby. BUT many of these changes don’t “naturally” go back to pre-baby without some help.
Let’s be real. From the moment the baby is born your whole world is consumed with learning how to care for the baby; NOT thoughts like “How do I recover from having my baby.”
So by the time we are ready to pay attention to our bodies we just think, “This is how I’m built. I guess I will never have a flat stomach.”
This is simply not true. You just need to learn how to reduce the curve in your lower back. When your spine is stable in a smaller more gradual arch you will eliminate the mommy stomach pouch.
This is something I’ve helped many moms achieve. These moms have gone from no abdominal strength to a “6 pack” without having to have surgery.

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