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No better time to start researching the best disinfecting companies in Houston, are we right mamas? We’ve been flooded with questions about this the last few months and we’re thrilled to tell you about a local company that are so passionate about keeping people safe, now more than ever.

Germbusters has been deemed the coronavirus sanitation treatment. Owner Hunter Davis started his business in 2002 and speaking with him about what he does and how he does it best, was so uplifting and inspiring. He knows his stuff and one look at their customer reviews, you know this is a company you can trust.

At Germbusters, they truly believe it’s a partnership when they work with you. They partner with you to protect your health and well-being. This family-owned business was founded  founded in Katy, Texas and they provide a revolutionary, medical-grade antimicrobial protection for residents and businesses for over six years.

Their non-toxic water-based solution is EPA registered and FDA approved – this is huge for us mamas! Hunter says the long-lasting biostatic barrier is applied using an electrostatic fogger. This provides a complete 360-degree mist coating across the treated surface, which not only eliminates all microbial contaminants on contact, but it’s also proven to continuously kill deadly viruses and bacteria for 90 days! Like, what! Where can we sign up?

They use a technologically advanced, long-lasting antimicrobial surface protectant spray, that has been proven highly effective in prohibiting the growth of a wide array of dangerous microbes such as bacteria, fungi, algae, mold & mildew that can cause sickness, odors, stains and product deterioration.

Hunter was able to explain how his product works and we found so fascinating. Again, this dude is smart. He explained that the active ingredient is chemically engineered to form a completely non-toxic, colorless, odorless, positively charged, highly durable polymer that quickly adheres to the treated surface. In addition, the product is designed to not wash off and provide continuous antimicrobial protection for at least 90 days, sometimes longer dependent upon surface exposure/usage.

My biggest question as a mom was about how this product can be both effective and non-toxic. Hunter set all my worries at ease and explained that the formula produces microscopic “spikes” that puncture and shock the cell membrane, thus killing it. Since there are no toxins that leach onto the microbe itself, the surface continues to be protected: this is the Mechanical Process, leaving no opportunities for cell adaptation or mutation (i.e. “superbugs”- antibiotic resistant microorganism strains).

Are you fascinated yet?! Wondering why you never looked into this before? You’re not alone! But this year especially, and after a Mom from our sister site, Natalie’s family experienced Covid passing through the home, we want to be sure all the yuck is out of the home. Germbusters is perfect for homes and businesses to give that extra piece of mind.

We are excited to get Hunter out to our homes this week and will be sure to share the experience with you on our social channels.

If you book with Germbusters, be sure to mention Katy Moms Network to receive 10% off your service! For more info visit or call 281-704-2941.

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